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Jane Froman:

Talent and Heroism

Ellen Jane Froman (1907–1980) was an American singer and actress. During her thirty-year career, Froman performed on stage, radio and television despite chronic health problems due to injuries sustained in a 1943 plane crash.

Froman sustained severe injuries: a cut below the left knee nearly severing her leg, multiple fractures of her right arm, and a compound fracture of her right leg that doctors threatened to amputate. 

Less than a year after the crash, Froman returned to Broadway to perform. She wore a leg brace and used a wheelchair after having had 13 operations for her injuries She underwent 39 operations over the years and fought amputation and wore a leg brace the remainder of her life.

Froman returned to Europe and entertained American troops in 1945. Despite having to walk with crutches, she gave 95 shows throughout Europe during the late 1940s.

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