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Dedicated to Jane Froman
In Memoriam

Voices of Freedom is a volunteer musical group put together by Emmy award winning musician and composer, Azerak, in 2018. Its primary purpose is to "Sing for the Brave": musicians getting together to sing and play for veterans at different events and activities which honor our nation's current and former service members.

Voices of Freedom also exists to educate young American musicians on the founding principles of our country and the importance of keeping our history alive through music. Many of the USA's traditional and military music such as "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" or "You're a Grand Old Flag" are being lost to history as subsequent generations are normally not taught much of the American Songbook in schools. Our group strives to preserve this musical treasure trove and foster a love of America's hymns in young Americans everywhere.


Voices of Freedom has been very proud to participate regularly with "Honor Flight", a non-profit group dedicated towards flying veterans to Washington D.C. at no cost, in order for them to visit the memorials which commemorate their sacrifices.


Voices of Freedom is proud to be working on the "Space Force Hymn Project". Our effort to compose and record what we hope will become the official song for the United States Space Force, the newest branch of the U.S. Military. 

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