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United States

Space Force Anthem

On Dec. 20th, 2019, President Donald J. Trump signed into being the sixth branch of the military, the United States Space Force. Our group, Voices of Freedom, is currently working on producing the Anthem for this new branch which we hope will be selected as the official song of the service. The version below is our first demo and we are currently working on a better version.

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The United States Space Force Anthem

Lyrics and music by Azerak and Federico Arango



To the Moon, to Mars, 

Into space, far beyond, 

The future of our country lies in the stars.

We march onwards!


Deep into the darkest night, 

We shall bear a torch of light,

We defy the abyss with all of our might.

We fight! We are! 

The United States Space Force!


We fly upwards, blast through the void, 

And we rise into space, fighting for freedom.

All of mankind looks to our people

To safeguard the peace in the search for salvation.


We swear to be defenders of Earth.

We are The United States Space Force.

We march onwards!


The future of our great nation lies in our determination

To triumph with glory into the stars. 

We march onwards!


Not a foe nor any terror, not an alien invader,

Shall hinder our destiny to go forth.

We fight! We are!

The United States Space Force!

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Contact: Federico Arango


Young Latinos Create Anthem for U.S. Space Force​


Miami Ensemble ‘Voices of Freedom’ Hopes

Their Composition Is Officially Adopted  


MIAMI, FL, June 3, 2020 – A diverse group of young Miami musicians create an anthem for the United States Space Force (USSF), the sixth branch of the U.S. military and the first new armed service since the establishment of the independent U.S. Air Force in 1947. In honor of all the astronauts who have given their lives for mankind’s advancement, the music video was released for Memorial Day Weekend 2020. 


​Brothers Federico and Miguel Ernesto Arango, aka Azerak, wrote the lyrics and composed the music in hopes of getting this song to the Pentagon and the White House for approval and eventually into outer space.


​“The men and women who are going to defend this world in space will need not only the right equipment for space operations but a tremendous amount of courage and bravery,” says Federico. “This song will be the rallying cry for freedom and the American spirit in space,” adds Azerak. 


​Before composing the United States Space Force Anthem, the Arangos created an organization called Voices of Freedom (VOF). “It is a volunteer group of young singers and musicians from high school and college who sing patriotic songs for war veterans to honor their effort and preserve the foundational values of the United States,” explains Federico.


The two composers state that if their song is officially adopted, it would be the first time in the history of the United States that such a young and diverse group creates an anthem for a branch of the Armed Forces. 


​“Voices of Freedom is proud to be working on the Space Force Anthem Project. We have made a great effort to record and produce the song with very limited resources and zero budget,” comments Federico.” He then explains: “For the next phase, the group has launched a GoFundMe campaign in order to record and film a professional version of the song as part of a bigger project to unify the country.”


​With this composition, the musicians have responded to the call made by General John W. Raymond, Commander of the USSF, when he recently said "Eventually we’ll have to have a service song."


​Regarding the style of the song, Azerak explains that they “preserved the traditional heroic tone of classic military marches but added the modern emotion of space.”


About Voices of Freedom

Voices of Freedom is a non-partisan, independent, volunteer musical group put together by Emmy award winning musician and composer, Azerak, and his brother, filmmaker and musician Federico Arango in 2018. 


VOF's primary purpose is to "Sing for the Brave": musicians getting together to sing and play for veterans at different events and activities which honor current and former service members in the United States.


VOF also exists to educate young American musicians on the founding principles of the U.S. and the importance of keeping its values and history alive through traditional patriotic and military music.


To watch the music video go to:


​To listen to the anthem go to:


For more information, write to; or visit


To donate check out the Space Force Anthem GoFundMe:

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